BOLD delivers an exceptional product with each harvest.

Strategic Location

We have 222 acres of Saskatchewan soil.

With a perfect balance of open space and proximity to infrastructure, we have 15 acres ready for immediate cultivation, and 207 for future expansion.

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ideal climate

Saskatchewan enjoys higher levels of sunshine than anywhere else in Canada. Making our location perfect for greenhouse and outdoor growing



Expansion Plans

Our perfect climate, and strategic location aren’t the only ways BOLD is positioned for growth.

 We’re innovating the industry with advanced agricultural practices, and expanding our operations to accommodate our ever-improving standards of production. BOLD has 222 acres to accommodate high volume outdoor cultivation, as well as second floor production space for extraction for derivatives like edibles and vapes.


Our Facility

At BOLD, the small details are the ones that matter the most.

Every single aspect of our growing environment and extraction lab are carefully automated, and specifically designed to meet GMP standards. GMP certification is required to enable international export of dried cannabis and extracts into emerging world markets.

BOLD is redefining the industry. Be a part of our growth.