Strategic DESIGN

Bold Growth’s purpose-built Facility Has been designed with two guiding principles In mind:

Maximize product quality, consistency, and yield.
Minimize production costs.



Every aspect of the growing environment is automated to ensure ideal growing conditions are consistently  achieved. Automated systems include:

  • fertigation schedules, rates, and nutrient content;
  • light intensity and schedules;
  • CO2 supplementation levels;
  • temperature; and,
  • relative humidity.


The facility has been specifically designed to meet GMP standards.  This certification is required to enable international export of dried cannabis and extracts into emerging world markets.


Free Cooling

The facility HVAC system takes advantage of the long, cold Canadian winters by using low exterior temperatures to efficiently cool the building.


Ductless HVAC

To prevent the potential for airborne contaminants to travel from one area to another, Bold Growth has designed a completely ductless HVAC system. There is no opportunity for air to enter the building from outside, or for air to move from one grow room to another.


Reclaiming Water

80% of all the water used for irrigation is transpired by the plants and recovered by our dehumidifiers. The water is then sanitized and mixed back in to the fertigation program to be used again.


Rolling Bench Tops

Using rolling bench tops in every grow room allows us to maximize grow space without the need for aisles. The benches raise the plants off the floor, creating the added benefit of a more ergonomic workflow.



Air showers are used throughout the facility to ensure clothing, materials, and equipment are free of outside contaminants before entering GPP areas.



Every surface in the production facility meets CFIA requirements for food production facilities. Surfaces are all easily washable and minimize the risk of mold/bacterial growth.



The Bold Growth facility will include a state-of-the-art oil extraction and processing lab capable of producing a variety of derivative products. Our oil extraction process differs from many others, as it allows for extraction of terpenes from the plant material without damaging them; this allows the terpenes to be reintroduced to the finished product to provide a custom designed flavour profile and entourage effect.

Bold Growth’s extraction lab has sufficient capacity to extract oil from 100% of the plant material produced in Phases One and Two.